The Best Flowers to Plant in Your Yard


flowersPlanting flowers in your garden is the simplest way of adding color, texture and fragrance to your outdoor space.

However, with a lot of choices of existing, gardeners may sometime get overwhelmed.

When choosing flowers to plant in your garden you should keep several factors in your mind: colors and flowers of your taste, garden design such as informal, formal, combination or cottage and climate zone.

Flowers must be in a position to grow well in your region climate. In addition, the gardeners are always advised to know there growing zone in order to know what grows best there. Carefully you should evaluate the growing condition and the period of time you will be willing to take care of your flowers.

The following are the best type of flowers you should plant in your yard

Shade loving flowers

Some flowers will flourish in shady spot. If your yard is canopied with some trees, you can still give them a beautiful look by planting flowers. Pansies flowers do well in a shady area. Begonias and snapdragon are the other two annual s you can also consider for shady spots. Additionally, valley lilies also do marvelous under evergreen trees.


This is a handy perennial that do well in cottage or informal gardens. Honeysuckles are mainly established in varieties that vine and shrubs. Most honeysuckle are aromatic and varieties such as, flowers in white, yellow, cream, purple, pink, scarlet and orange. This perennial mostly attract butterflies and hummingbird. However, it grows well in moist soil that is combined with organic matter such as rotten manure.

Everlasting Daisy

Everlasting daisy or helipterum is a kind of hardy annual that produces papery flowers of either white or pick flowers. It grows better in beds and can also be used together with foliage. It is planted in well-drained soils. The flowers mainly bloom from June to September.


Wandflower is also known as Dierama Pulcherrimum. It works better in informal or formal gardens. It is ideal near water yard. It produces pink flowers which are very beautiful. The plant need only adequate moisture but well drained soil. Wandflower should be reserved moist during the growing season.

Alyssum or Lobularia

Lobularia have a honey smell and it has ample of tiny flowers of pink, purple, white, and lavender colors, it grows up to 6 inches height, making it best for edging.

Sun loving flowersflowers2

Flowers that are planted in full sun must have capability to survive the heat. Daylilies flowers do not take heat but they also grow well in a different range of soil conditions.

In additional, there are several flowers to plant in your garden but not all of them are suitable for you depending on different factors, therefore, it is always good to ask yourself “What flowers should I plant in my garden?”.

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