Exposed aggregate concrete 58

Reasons For Popularity Of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is a form of decoration where a mixture of cement, pebbles, and small stones are exposed to traditional finish of concrete surfaces. Other than the affordability and looks exposed aggregate enhances the strength of concrete. The following are some reasons for its popularity:

You should note that rugged surfaces have less sleeping hazard than brushed concrete. A lot of people have suffered serious injuries because of the slippery floors. Brushed concrete is quite slippery, Exposed aggregate concrete 56and this can cause injuries. When a surface is rugged, its slippery nature is drastically reduced. Therefore, these makes concrete floors safe for the kids. Usually, homeowners change to this type of floor so to minimize daily injuries.

Resistant Harsh Conditions
This can be attributed to the strength it delivers. The fact that it is a composite material means that it provides adequate strength as compared to using a single material. If there are changes in climatic conditions, it will undergo stresses, which if they are not strong are likely to fail. This forms of concrete are known to deliver excellent strength that can withstand harsh climatic conditions. If you want to increase the lifespan of a surface, you should install this form of concrete.

Fewer materials and tools
This is the other reason for exposed aggregate concrete popularity. You require very few tools and after mixing the concrete, you can lay it on the floor to dry. This is quite different from what happens for other floor types. Therefore, it will take minimal time to do the installation as more tools are needed. In addition, there are no complex processes needed.

Appealing Look
Exposed aggregate concrete 57Fine materials are combined, old nature of a surface is not seen. Therefore, the material provides a new look. This explains why most people like this form of flooring, since when the buildings are old, none will realize it. You should note that the look of this type of concrete remains the same.

Great decorative technique
This is a great decorative technique, which is easier to master and learn. This is because there are no technical procedures involved. After understanding concrete materials mixing, the remaining process is quite simple. Therefore, you will take the shortest time to understand the procedure without staining a lot. Some decorative ideas like color matching are difficult. Fortunately, such procedures are not involved with mixing and installation of this type of concrete. Therefore, you will take less time to complete the procedure.